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There was a better than average cheer, considering the circumstances and we all mostly sprung to our feet, ready for our carefree summer to begin, free of practice and waking up early for games. Look, you can see the hole right there. Sometimes the other guys just have a better day. We piled out of the car into the orderly garage with bicycles hung against one wall and a pegboard of meticulously arranged tools on the other. The eyes were the worst. I stared out the window the rest of the way there, rubbing my head while Glen Campbell sang about heartbreak. It was too cold to swim in the small pool in their back yard, so we jumped on the trampoline for a while then we went to the basement and played pool, or tried to.

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At some point I must have fallen asleep because my thoughts became more abstract and circular.

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Up in the kitchen, Mrs. We laughed giddily into our pillows and stage-whispered insults at each other. The walls were a rich, dark wood paneling lit dimly by a few tasteful lamps with multi-colored shades that I understand now must have been Tiffany lamps. I closed the bathroom door behind me as quietly as I could and I did not turn the light on. That first arrow hits the big pig in the shoulder and it squeals like a banshee. I nearly bumped into the Coach who was standing there, all six foot four inches of him, filling the doorframe.

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boy nude at sleepover
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