Black sperm properties

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The normal environment of the vagina is a hostile one c. Please review our privacy policy. Archived from the original Trade PB on February 19, He has fathered five children since then, three from banked sperm, but two, he says, were concieved naturally. No significant difference was observed between sildenafil and placebo for any parameter Table 1indicating no effect on sperm function. In vitro effects of sildenafil and phentolamine, drugs used for erectile dysfunction, on human sperm motility. Sixteen subjects completed the study.

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Blood in the semen can cause a pink or reddish colour, known as hematospermiaand may indicate a medical problem which should be evaluated by a doctor if the symptom persists.

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The Psychology of Semen, Part Two: Your Questions Answered

Some of you wondered whether hormonal birth control or the "depth" or the relationship could have affected the results of the study. The findings may seem like a stretch, but before you cry foul, consider that a number of studies have shown the same correlation from unprotected vaginal sex. Continuum International Publishing Group, p. Plus, he adds, "It may very well be the case that the anti-depressant properties of semen are dose dependent, and that repeated insemination may be necessary to get the effects. Ditto if he wears briefs.

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black sperm properties
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black sperm properties
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