Masturbate with period

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If you want, obviously. Nevertheless, we understand that masturbation and periods and masturbating during your period are sensitive subjects that you might feel embarrassed to openly discuss with anyone. Skip to main content. Masturbation —touching yourself for sexual pleasure—is normal behavior and can lead to orgasm. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure and is located above the vaginal canal and urethra 5—7. No risk of pregnancy which there is when you have period sex with a partnerno risk of STIs, absolutely no bad outcomes apart from potential stains.

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Are there any risks?

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Masturbating during your period

If you want, obviously. It gives you some much-needed self-care Seriously, you might not feel the sexiest during your period, which is why you need to practice some self-care. Masturbating makes us feel the obvious. Furthermore, masturbating can make us happy, warm, de-stressed, and sleepy. According to a Swedish study, one in seven women have never masturbated.

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masturbate with period
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masturbate with period
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