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She came on his fingers. In fact, Sonic has to adjust his manhood because it was pushing against his blue jeans. The scanner rumbled a bit in Sonic's hands before a thin red laser shot out of the back of the scanner and it slowly started to move over Amy's body. Sonic's moans and groans are muffled by Amy's flower, and he occasionally shivers as his member is transferred from mouth to mouth. For example, just yesterday his latest creation was just a large robot that had a weak left leg and with one well placed spin attack, Sonic defeated the abomination in twenty seconds flat. Everyone came down the aisle. Tails sucked on her boobies while his penis was still in her and got all of the stuff out like he was eating yogurt only with his mouth and it supercharged him with sex.

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He quickly acknowledged Amy's instruction and rose to his feet.

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Her moans get a little louder as she speeds up. The aphrovilate was making Amy desire to have a taste of Sonic's hot seed and she damn will get it. As Amy let the sea green bathrobe fall to the floor she stopped for a moment to take a good gaze at her naked reflection in the mirror. Amy Amy Rose Rouge. Sonic puts his hands on Amy's hips and buries his face in Amy's flower. Her only hope to have true love now was to have sex with Sonic.

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naked sonic having sex
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naked sonic having sex
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